(EXPIRED) Balsamiq: Get 3 Months Free of the Best Wireframing Software

Want to create delightful user interfaces? Start by wireframing them in Balsamiq mockups!
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Why Balsamiq?

Do you have an idea that you want to bulid into a product or business? I'm guessing that you do. However, how do you get started? 

One of the best ways to start is to start sketching up your product and designing the way it works.

Balsamiq is the best tool for you to do just that. It has an amazing drag and drop interface to help you create the mockup of your website/product effortlessly. It's simply the way to work faster and smarter.

Also check out this link to see how amazing Balsamiq is at creating mockups: http://balsamiq.com/products/mockups/


With the mockup in hand, it'll make it so easy to

1. Brainstorm and unleash your creativity

2. Show people and get early feedback

3. Make revisions and iterate

4. Collaborate with your partners


Some Guidelines
- It can only be applied to new myBalsamiq accounts. 

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