LeaderSend: 400 Free Email Credits per Day – Transactional Email Service

Effortless System Generated Email Delivery - Transactional Email SMTP Service for Web and Mobile Apps
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LeaderSend: 400 Free Email Credits per Day – Transactional Email Service

LeaderSend takes care of delivering your transactional emails and managing infrastructure while you can focus on your business instead.


Build strong relationship with instant communication

Send emails instantly to your target audience based on their behavior, an action on your website or mobile application, and track email performance in real-time.

Create awesome branding and personalization to your registration, welcome, thank you emails, order, payment confirmations, ebills, shopping cart abandonment messages, password reminders, notifications and any other system generated emails.


LeaderSend is the best transactional email solution allowing you to:

  • Trigger instant emails by your user’s action or inaction on your website
  • Personalize your messages and build branding with beautiful HTML templates
  • Include additional marketing message in your transactional emails to hit your marketing goals
  • Track email opens, clicks and bounces in real time to measure your performance
  • Send emails through web and SMTP API that is easy to integrate and deploy
  • Profit from robust cloud infrastructure supporting personalized DKIM, SPF, feedback loops, reputation and ISP monitoring


The Deal

Get a free account to send up to 400 triggered emails per day! Your startup benefits include 72 000 free email credits per year, advanced deliverability features and real-time tracking and reporting.

If you have any question about the LeaderSend transactional email SMTP service, please contact our team at 24/7 email support [email protected]

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