ProjectionHub: 25% OFF on an awesome financial projection tool

The ultimate financial projection tool for startups
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ProjectionHub is a web application that helps entrepreneurs create financial projections without the need to have a PhD in Excel.  We have partnered with AppBay to make the full version of ProjectionHub available at a 25% discount.  You will be able to create a full set of 3 year financial projections including a monthly balance sheet, income statement and cash flow projection.  At the end of the process you will download a completed Excel file that is properly formatted and ready to share with bankers or potential investors. 
Features Include
  • Up to 3 years of financial projections
  • Helpful How To Videos Within the App
  • Your Balance Sheet Will Actually Balance
  • No Excel Needed
  • Create and Download Unlimited Versions of Your Projections
  • Free Email Support For Customers
  • Add Projected Investments
  • Add Projected Loans
  • Download Finished Product as Excel File
  • Excel File is Fully Customizable
  • 3 Year Income Statement Comparison
  • Include Sales Assumptions
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